I believe it's a combination of my background in mechanical design (with it’s necessity for detail) and my interest in the human form and how it's intricate shapes interact with light, that drives me to create my portrait work.  I always enjoy a good artistic challenge and feel that the human form and portrait is some of the most challenging subject matter.  I strive to capture the life and personality I see in my subject, to convey the particular emotion I feel the subject is portraying.  My intended style of portraiture is photo-realism and I continue to search for and discover new techniques for achieving it.  My current tools of choice are my airbrushes, scratching blades and various erasers.  I’ve drawn and painted all my life in one form or another, but have absolutely fallen in love with the airbrush as a fine art tool and what I've found can be accomplished with them.

Custom paint is a term used to describe just about anything on metal or fiberglass, whether it be automotive, motorcyle, ATV, or sports gear, like snowboards or skateboards.  Basically, if you ride it, whether it has a motor or not, I can custom paint it.  From hotrod flames to custom airbrushed mural work, your ride can be transformed into a piece of moving artwork that expresses your unique personality to the world.  I take pride in putting out high quality custom paint work.  From the beginning, you will know you've come to the right place.  I will sit with you as long as it takes for us to come up with the pefect design, keep in touch with you throughout the process with regular updates on the progress of your job and deliver the highest quality work possible, on an agreed upon deadline.

Mural comes from the Latin word murus, meaning wall.  A mural can transform a blank, two dimensional wall into a unique area that enriches a home or community space.  I've painted murals over the years in places ranging from teenager and adult bedrooms, to churches, schools and commercial spaces.  As an artist and mural painter, I see my job as one that starts with your ideas and uses those details, along with my input and vision, to bring them to life on your wall - to be enjoyed for years to come.  I believe your finished mural should incorporate your style and taste and say something about who you are or where you come from.  So you'd love a mural? Send an email or give me a call, I can't wait to hear your ideas and come up with your design!

All artwork © 2014 Steve Wood