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In 1992 I was at a magazine stand in a book store when I saw something that would soon change my life.  It was a sexy, half woman/half robot creation on the cover of Airbrush Action Magazine.  I picked up the magazine and quickly thumbed it open to the article about the artist that painted it, Hajime Sorayama. I stood there in the store, read the entire article and fell in love.  Hard.  Not with Mr. Sorayama, or even the robot woman that caught my eye. Nope, I was in love with an airbrush (the tool the artists in this magazine were using) and the amazing things it could do.  Sadly, it was four years later when I picked up my first airbrush.  In 1996 a friend asked me if I wanted to buy a "slightly used" one and let me tell ya, it's been a great love affair.


Eighteen years later I've landed here, specializing in portraits on canvas and wall murals.  I'll always be looking for new ways to push myself and improve my art and over the years I've received some great instruction from some of the world's best airbrush artists.  In the last year or so, I've started to broaden my focus to include painting metal and I'm lovin' that too.


The intention of Air Infinity Studios is to translate your needs for custom airbrushing into reality.  Whether your project requires fine art/portraiture, residential or commercial mural work or custom motorcycle paint, I'm available to discuss your ideas at anytime.



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